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Since its launch, Merge Elves has been loved by many players.Merge Elves has exceeded 1 million downloads in the Google Store.The continuous launch of new elves and events is our commitment to players.

DateFebruary, 2020Share

Fairy garden

A wonderful adventure with elves.
There is a mysterious garden hidden deep in the forest. Sleeping elves are waiting for someone to wake them up.

The garden has been neglected for a long time and has been occupied by the magic dragon. The elves who depended on the garden had to fall into a deep sleep and wait for an opportunity. Your arrival brings hope to this fairy garden. Come and wake up the sleeping elves and guide them to defeat the dragon together. You will bring new life to this garden.

Hundreds of items are waiting for you to drag and merge, create mighty combinations to unlock items for upgrading, and file in your secret Garden.Find out all destroyed Meerjungfrauen-Statues in each level, rescue them by merging to create their lives anew!

hundreds of elves

There are all kinds of elves waiting for you to unlock in the elf garden. There are cute penguins, cheetahs and other elves, beautiful mermaids, swans and other elves. There are also different Constellation Dragon Fairy series in each season waiting for you.

numerous events

Different events every week keep the game interesting. In the game, there are not only festival-limited elves and events, but also exciting alliance events, leaderboard events, etc. Compete for rankings with other players. More new events are also in development.

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