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Merge Farmtown

Merge Farmtown, as a casual game integrating building, merging and collecting, can bring more gaming experience to players. Farmtown has also received positive reviews from many players.The positive reviews pouring in from numerous players further reinforce the game’s appeal and quality.


Nestled along the tranquil remote west coast lies a picturesque town adorned with breathtaking landscapes and welcoming four seasons. However, an enigmatic mist shrouds the town year-round, preventing outsiders from setting foot on its soil. This isolation has cloaked the town in an air of mystery, with its inhabitants living in seclusion and minimal interaction with the outside world.

Today marks a significant moment as the appointment ceremony for the town’s new mayor, Annika, is about to commence. Will the wise and courageous Annika be able to unravel the secrets veiled within the foggy town? Can she dispel the mist that has long obscured its history and stories?

Embark on a captivating journey alongside Annika as you explore and construct this mysterious foggy town. Together, you will unravel its hidden truths, restore its vibrancy, and bring back the lost connection to the outside world. Engage in a variety of tasks, merge objects, and interact with fascinating characters as you breathe life back into this secluded enclave.

Join Annika in her quest to unveil the untold story of the town and its people. Embrace the challenges that lie ahead and uncover the long-forgotten past. Let your imagination flourish as you merge, build, and embark on an extraordinary adventure to build a thriving community within this captivating foggy town.


The gameplay of Merge Farmtown is simple yet enjoyable. As a merging game, it combines farm building and item merging elements to create a unique farming experience.

Take control and arrange, organize, and merge town items and buildings according to your preferences.

Merge various items to unlock more townsfolk and visit their homes, uncovering their unique stories along the way.

With hundreds of items at your disposal, freely drag, drop, and merge them to create your dream town. Complete your favorite combinations and watch your town come to life!

ngage in special events and take on unique combination challenges to earn special theme rewards and delightful surprises.

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Merge Farmtown and unleash your creativity as you build and merge your way to a charming and thriving town!

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