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Merge Elves – Merge 3 Puzzle

Since its release, Merge Elves has garnered immense popularity among players, exceeding 1 million downloads on the Google Store. Our commitment to players is reflected in the continuous introduction of new elves and exciting events.

The multitude of gameplay options in Merge Elves has made it a long-standing favorite among players. From collecting elves and expanding gardens to merging items and taking on daily challenges, the game offers a diverse range of activities that greatly enhance its playability. Furthermore, the ability to connect and communicate with friends adds an additional layer of enjoyment to the game. Merge Elves promises to deliver countless delightful gaming experiences to casual merge game enthusiasts.


Different events every week keep the game interesting. In the game, there are not only festival-limited elves and events, but also exciting alliance events, leaderboard events, etc. Compete for rankings with other players. More new events are also in development.


Embark on a magical adventure alongside enchanting elves in a captivating world.

Deep within the forest lies a hidden garden, shrouded in mystery. Within its confines, slumbering elves eagerly await the touch that will awaken them from their deep sleep.

For far too long, the garden has suffered neglect and fallen under the control of a malevolent magic dragon. The elves, reliant on the garden for their existence, had no choice but to succumb to their slumber and await a glimmer of hope. Your arrival signals the dawn of a new era for this fairy garden. It is up to you to rouse the sleeping elves and lead them on a quest to vanquish the dragon together. Your actions will breathe new life into this wondrous sanctuary.

Hundreds of items are waiting for you to drag and merge, create mighty combinations to unlock items for upgrading, and file in your secret Garden.Find out all destroyed Meerjungfrauen-Statues in each level, rescue them by merging to create their lives anew!


-Gather Elves
-Match Items
-Daily Challenge
-Online Community of Friends

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