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Merge Romance

A mysterious resort island ushered in its new life because of a murder case.

The island was forever changed when Ediwin, its former owner, met an untimely demise. As per Edwin’s will, his wife Wendy and his financial beneficiary Alsa were granted equal ownership rights to the resort. However, both Wendy and Alsa harbor numerous secrets surrounding Edwin’s death. As the island undergoes reconstruction, the forgotten past and their concealed truths will gradually come to light.

Under the construction of Alsa and Wendy, the dilapidated resort island has been restored to its former glory. The new guests added a lot of vitality to the resort island.Alsa and Wendy need your help. Bring this resort island to life by merging, building, and more.

Who is the murderer?

Alsa and Wendy, who killed Edwin? Or the murderer was actually someone else. Detective Dylan came to this resort island to investigate the truth. Can he finally find the killer?

Merge Romance is a new merging game. Get more useful tools to rebuild the island by merging, and there are hundreds of decoration props waiting for you to merge. Build the resort island by merging.

Explore the resort island step by step.There are many scenes on the resort island: villa, garden, beach, pool, and more. Unlock them one by one and restore the island to its former glory.

Put your renovation and design skills to the test as you breathe new life into the island. With numerous decoration items at your disposal, merge them strategically to create your ideal paradise. Choose your favorite furniture pieces and adorn the island with your personal touch, transforming it into a haven of beauty and relaxation.

Get ready to merge, renovate, and design as you embark on an enchanting adventure in Merge Romance. Let your creativity soar as you bring the resort island to its full splendor. Get lost in the joy of merging and witness the magical transformation of the island before your eyes.

Game Features

·Merge various tools to repair this resort island
·Feel relaxed because it is a fun merging game
·Discover the story of romance and new secrets
·Transform the resort island with a new design
·Discover the mystery of running a resort island

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